Build Business and Team Performance

The challenge of building and sustaining business performance has long exercised the minds of executives and management thinkers.

It should be no surprise that “healthy” organizations outperform their categories on a number of performance metrics, not the least of which is financial. There are a number of attributes that describe healthy companies. We think three critical elements include the ability to execute consistently; the capacity for organizational resilience; and the ability to renew an organization’s purpose and behaviors.

Business performance programs are designed with this thinking in mind. The ability to understand and fully leverage the talents and strengths of everyone in the organization and increase the level of collaboration to meet business objectives increases substantially when individuals and teams recognize:

  • Navigating human interpersonal dynamics of whatever sort requires the ability to recognize what each party both “needs” and wants out of the interaction.
  • Creating cultural change starts with an understanding of the behaviors that currently influence the culture—and what works and what needs to change.
  • Collaboration is a mind-set, not an event. Teams work together best when they learn to.
  • The future is often not what we think—or hope—it will be.  
  • The way we work is changing. What opportunities and perils are presented changing work habits and styles?

The InterStrength Group's coaching and consulting services can help teams with team development as well as team in trouble.