Various coaching applications.

Coaching with Style: Using Knowledge of Temperament and Type to Customize the Coaching Process


When working one-on-one with individuals in corporations to improve business performance, understanding each individual's type and temperament provides an invaluable tool to maximize coaching effectiveness. Therefore the first step I follow is to anchor the coaching process by the client participating in a self –assessment of temperament, cognitive processes and working style, either one-on-one or in a group session, to supplement the use of the MBTI® . This has a couple of benefits:  more »

Coaching Type Development with NLP


Helping clients explore and develop the eight functions in their attitudes is a common type application, and a perennial question is how to make function-development faster, easier and more effective. NLP, or Neuro-Linguistic Programming, is a giant diverse toolbox of techniques often used by therapists, salespersons, professional coaches and others to catalyze learning, problem solving and communication.  more »

Coaching Managers of Remote Employees


  more »

The Five Lenses of Coaching



What does it take to use type well as a coaching tool? Coaching ranges from supporting the client and asking powerful questions to giving information, suggestions, and assignments. No matter what your coaching approach, you will be more effective if you use more than one lens and you have a solid knowledge of each of the 16 types as a whole.  more »