Overview of Services

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Understanding ourselves and others, building our capacity for more effective interpersonal communications, and managing and coping with organizational transformation is both an institutional journey and a very personal one.  The InterStrength Group can serve as your guide through highly interactive, facilitator-led skills development workshops.  

We can help you and your organization increase your business, leadership, and individual performance through a unique series of facilitated, interactive workshops focused on three key areas of organizational health:

The InterStrength Group serves human resources, organizational development, training, coaching and counseling professionals through training and certification programs based on the InterStrength® Method—a proven methodology that combines a number of disciplines all designed to facilitate growth, learning, and change  processes.

The InterStrength Advantage

People are unique, complex, resilient and occasionally, fragile. Our focus is to provide organizations with practical, cost-effective approaches develop organizational effectiveness and capacity using insights into personality differences as a common architecture for our development methodologies and workshops.

Unlike many uses of personality typologies that use a "test and tell" approach complete with the concurrent stereotypical labeling, our methodology views the individual as constantly evolving and growing. We provide a “toolbox” and set of processes to individuals and teams that supports a “continuing journey” approach to personal development, improved communication, and more effective interpersonal dynamics. We create and nurture an environment where people can commit their personal involvement in the process. This personal commitment creates results that last.

In addition, our programs are customized to fit with and complement organizational cultures and are scalable throughout an entire organization virtually regardless of the starting point. And our professionals are, we think, the best in the business. While each brings their own experiences and perspectives to our clients, each is equally versed in our methods. And we are each individually and collectively accountable to our clients’ successes.