Who We Are

We are the creators of the Interstrength® Method and the authors of The Guide for Facilitating the Self Discovery Process. The InterStrength® Method incorporates multiple models in a Self-Discovery Process that promotes awareness so individuals and teams can make more conscious choices. We see that the InterStrength® Method is available to individuals, organizations, coaches and consultants to improve their overall functioning through more accurate self-knowledge, knowledge of others, effective communication and team work.

We believe that our Self Discovery Process provides significant depth of learning and understanding that cannot be gleaned from a “test and tell” approach. The models used in the Self Discovery Process explain personality patterns and provide tools for sustaining a common language throughout an organization, which allows individuals to understand and take responsibility for their needs, values, motivations, communications and strengths. 

When people understand their differences, conflicts are more easily managed, differing perspectives are respected, and needless waste is avoided. Projects that take varied perspectives into account are infinitely more successful and utilizing individual differences results in more innovative products and solutions as well as higher quality and greater effectiveness. 

The Models of the InterStrength® Method 

Our models of understanding personality differences provide a common language for understanding our natural diversity. Through these multifaceted models, we can begin to understand how fundamental differences can lead to “stands”, diverse value agendas and fixed communication styles as well as how people learn, make decisions, and develop. These models describe natural preferences that lead to various ways of perceiving and ways of deciding that are often critical for an organization’s success, yet, if not understood, can be the primary source of misunderstandings and miscommunications.

Berens Interaction Styles Model:   

Interaction Styles provides easily recognizable information about how people interact and influence each other – HOW we make decisions and how we function effectively in teams.  This model identifies powerful drives and underlying beliefs that help develop rapport and strengthen collaboration with business partners and on teams.

Temperament Model:

This model provides profound insights into people’s deep motivations, core psychological needs, core values, talents and communication patterns – WHY we do what we do. Temperament provides a map to different perspectives and approaches to problem solving, creativity and communication

Cognitive Dynamics Model:

This lens brings some very powerful information to the understanding of individual differences – WHAT information accessing and evaluation processes we prefer when we think about things. This lens stems from a deep understanding of what the personality type code really stands for. It is based in the work of Carl Jung and the archetype work of John Beebe. 

Our Workshops

Throughout our workshops we provide participants with multiple opportunities to recognize and learn about themselves and others with real examples of situations and behaviors through active workshop participation. Because of the experiential aspect, the information is easy to understand, remember and use.  

At The InterStrength Group we explore needs, values, motivations, talents and behaviors in terms of what is intrinsic, developmental and contextual – the process is wide and deep. We also look at stress behaviors and at using the information for conflict resolution. All of this is tied back to the specific issues at hand, since our workshops are customized to meet individual and organizational goals.  

We help build organizational capacity, productivity, alignment and individual self-improvement through our unique focus on facilitating self-knowledge and communication; developing and aligning leadership styles; and building skills and teamwork to effect lasting, sustainable advantages for both individuals and teams. This results in a tangible return on investment measured in terms of:

  • Enhanced individual and team performance
  • Employee productivity and empowerment
  • Employee engagement, retention and “quality of life”
  • Increased and more effective interpersonal communication

All of which translates to employee engagement and customer satisfaction, a dedicated, committed work force, lower operating costs and increased profitability.

Located in southern California, we work with clients in the U.S. and globally.